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USA, San Francisco

Country, City: 
Reasons to choose the School: 

- Learning English in San Francisco is a great adventure
- Excellent English School
- Lots of interesting activities in the afterclass time

Accreditation of the School: 
ACCET, EnglishUSA, Bildungsurlaub, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Our English School is situated in Berkeley, San Francisco bay. That's an energetic student town around the California University. We may say that it’s a prefect destination for people willing to learn English in California. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, shops, cinemas, bookstores and different attractions in Berkeley. Visitors can enjoy easy access to all interesting places of San Francisco and the Bay Area. School facilities include indoor and outdoor areas, PC room with free WiFi access and a student library. So we have all needed to help you to develop your English skills. Our language school is an official TOEIC testing centre, so you can take the exam at our School. Also you can take TOEFL or Cambridge Examination (CAE and FCE) preparation courses. And surely we provide general English classes and other types of learning the language.

Provided English Courses:
- General English Courses
- Intensive English
- Junior Courses
- Premium Courses
- Academic English Courses in the USA
- University Preparation
- English for Teaching
- Intensive 30 with English for Business