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Learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain

Location of the School
Very center of the beutiful city of Barcelona on Travessera de Gràcia Street. Plenty of restaurants, shops, museums, banks, gyms, terraces just near to our Spanish School

Short description of the School
Our Spanish School in Barcelona was founded in 2001. The goal of School is for you to learn Spanish as a foreign language in a simple, pleasant, fun and efficient way. Barcelona city seems to be an ideal environment for such purpose. We want our students to have a great and positive personal education experience. To achieve it we have a team of qualified and experienced native Spanish teachers

Why choose the School to study Spanish

  • Personal Approach to Each International Student
    Relatively small size of our Spanish school allows to work with you in a very personal way and support you with any of your learning needs. You can always be in contact with the Studies Director concerning your progress in Spanish language or  DELE exam preparation
  • Language Learning Methodology
    Used by us learning methodology is dynamic, very communicative and involving. That is how we are teaching you. You will be studying not only the grammar, but mainly Spanish language to use in everyday communication. We have only  modern and effective material. Our teachers will teach you Spanish in Spanish to get involved very fast and effectively
  • Small groups
    The average size of the groups is seven and the maximum is ten. Therefore the instructor can spend more time to each student’s learning needs
  • International Atmosphere
    We welcome students from almost all countries of the world. It allows great cultural exchange among students

Programs, Services and Prices

Mini Group Classes Price per week, Euro
Semi Intensive (7.5 hours / week) from Eur 35 to Eur 55
Standard (15 hours / week) from Eur 70 to Eur 100
Standard Plus (15 + 3 hours / week) from Eur 120 to Eur 175
Standard Super Plus (15 + 3 hours / week) from Eur 120 to Eur 175
Intensive (20 hours / week) from Eur 100 to Eur 135
Intensive Plus (20 + 3 hours / week) from Eur 150 to Eur 210
Super Intensive Plus (20 + 5 hours / week) from Eur 175 to Eur 260

Individual Classes
Price per Lesson (45 min):  from Euro 23 to Euro 30


Accommodation Price per week, Euro
Shared apartments from Eur 110 to Eur 130
Host family from Eur 115 to Eur 225
Executive Host family from Eur 155 to Eur 295
Student residence from Eur 170 to Eur 325
Executive Student residence from Eur 255 to Eur 485
Private Studio from Eur 400 to Eur 600

Other Services and Fees
Registration & Material:  30 € (1/24 weeks)
Registration & Material: 60 € (25/52 weeks)
Accommodation Placement: 60 €
Airport Transfer: 80 €

Afterclass activites arranged by the School in Barcelona

Barcelona walking excursions, museums, art galleries, picnics in parks, theatre and flamenco, music concerts, evening cocktails, dinners on the beach, shows, parties, football matches, ice-skating, skiing

Other afterclass activities possible at School and nearby
Spanish meals cooking course, Ballet, Dancing, Diving, Horse riding,  Golf, Mountain biking, Music, Sailing, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Windsurfing

Photos of the School