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Learn Russian in Kyiv

Echo Eastern Europe Russian and Ukrainian School was founded in 2004 and is situated in a 19th century building in the very heart of the historic centre of Kyiv. The location of your Russian courses is just 3 minutes by foot from Kyiv's top tourist attractions including city monuments, art exhibitions, old and beautiful buildings, restaurants, cafés, museums and shops. The school is also located  very close to underground stations, the funicular railway station, and the bus and tram stations.

Our Russian school is equipped with new and comfortable facilities including video and audio equipment, educational software and whiteboards. Our students also have the unique opportunity to access the library of our partner State University with more than 990,000 samples of educational, scientific and encyclopaedic literature, magazines, newspapers and DVDs. Students may also enjoy visiting a variety of affordable cafes and restaurants located on the first floor of the Russian school building, alongside convenient shops and banks.

Upon student request we can also provide private Russian language lessons in the home or office, allowing our clients to save their personal time.

All these factors enable our students to learn Russian language in a convenient and stimulating environment.​​

All our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching Russian language as a foreign one. They are all native language speakers with knowledge of English or other European languages (this is important if the student is a complete beginner in the Russian language) and hold degrees in Russian language and linguistics. Our teaching team is kept up to date with the latest innovations in Russian language teaching.

At our Russian school we use a structured methodology to study Russian quickly and effectively improving your language skills across the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our Russian teachers monitor the individual progress of every student and design the course taking into consideration the needs of the students, whilst making each class enjoyable and interesting.


All students who have successfully completed a language course with us will be issued a Certificate of attendance from the school.

Our school is the only one in Ukraine which conducts and successfully prepares students to pass the TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) examination, receiving certification from our partner Moscow State University.

Homestay support, transfers and after class
When coming to Kyiv to learn Russian you can also experience the life of real Kyivans by staying with a local Russian-speaking family. Our school can provide you with specialized accommodation support, locating you with one of our friendly families who have been welcoming our students for many years. Each homestay is fully equipped for visiting students. Staying with a family is not only a fantastic experience and a great way to improve your language skills, but it is also significantly cheaper than staying in a private apartment or a hotel.
We support our Russian students at each stage of their stay in Ukraine – from meeting you at the airport (transfers are available upon request) to excursions around the city with a professional guide.

  Prices to learn Russian in Kyiv, Ukraine

  1. Russian courses
Cost per lesson,
Cost per week,
Cost per year,
Individual classes
in-class or via Skype
(from 2 to 19 lessons (45 min) per week)
Individual classes
in-class or via Skype
(from 20 to 40 lessons (45 min) per week)
11 220  
Mini group of 2 to 8 students
(20 lessons (45 min) per week)
1-4 weeks
 5.5 110  
Mini group from 2 to 8 students
(20 lessons (45 min) per week)
5 weeks +
Mixed program
  • Mini group of 2 to 8 students
    (20 lessons (45 min) per week)
  • 1-to-1 lessons (10 lessons (45 min) per week)
One Year Program
740 lessons (40 min) in group of up to 15 students
    2 990

B. Additional services

Cost per week,
Rent of room with host family
Single room, No meals incl.


  Cost in Euro
TORFL / ТРКИ exam 200
City excursion with professional guide 30
Car transfer from the airport 50
Individual speaking practice with coach after class (per hour) 15

C. Administration fee (Non-refundable deposit paid in advance for the reservation): Euro 50

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Video testimonials of some of our students

What some of our students say about our Russian lessons

Tommy F., France Martijn Groenewold, Netherlands

Shaun W., USA Martin Popp, Germany
Martin Popp, Germany (in German) Loic Ruiz, France (in French)
Loic Ruiz, France Saana Keskinen, Finland
Claude Bougard, Belgium (in French) Claude Bougard, Belgium (in English)

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