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Costa Rica

Costa Rica, San Jose

Country, City: 
Reasons to choose the School: 

• Excellent quality of Spanish courses
• Individual approach. 40 years experience
• Learning Spanish in Costa Rica due to your interests
• Certificate due to international standards
• Various activities for your deep immersion to the local culture

For many years Costa Rica, bordered by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, has been called "Central American Switzerland" because of its political stability, well-groomed environment, and high living standards. Another interesting fact is that Costa Rica is called the country of butterflies because it is here that they are bred and delivered to museums, laboratories, and botanical gardens around the world.
 Costa Rica is the only tropical country that, thanks to public policy, has significantly increased the area of forests in its territory and has become a center of ecotourism. Forests now cover 52% of the territory. 99% of the country's electricity is generated from renewable sources, mainly through hydroelectric power plants.
If you decide to study Spanish in Cost Rica, that will be a good choice to explore the country. Of course our Spanish teachers will help to improve your Spanish in the shortest and most effective way.


Intensive   25 group lessons per week

Super Intensive   37 group lessons per week

Private  10 lessons per week

Spanish and Salsa  25 group lessons + 8 salsa group lessons per week

Spanish and Business   25 group lessons + 8 business group lessons per week

Spanish and Culture   25 group lessons + 8 culture group lessons per week

Spanish and Medicine   20 group lessons + 8 medical terminology group lessons per week

Spanish for DELE certificate    25 group lessons + 8 tango group lessons per week (dance, theory, tango show)


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