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Australia, Brisbane

Country, City: 
Reasons to choose the School: 
  • Great chance to explore the country of Australia 
  • Excellent School facilities. Friendly and professional staff 
  • Meeting Australian native speakers easy-going people creates a very productive atmosphere for you to learn English in Brisbane 
  • Studying English In-Class with lots of afterclass fun activities

Definitely that would be a good decision if you decide to learn English in Brisbane :) That’s an ideal place to study English in Australia.  Brisbane is a sunny city with access both to spectacular beaches and remarkable country views. It can be considered a perfect place for the business, entertainment and culture activities. City central location of the School provides you with easy access to all shops, café, restaurants and entertainment possibilities of Queensland’s biggest city. The English School facilities include nice air-conditioned classes, a large student lounge, PC room with free Internet and a Learning centre. We propose TOEFL,  Cambridge Examination preparation courses together with general English programmes. The teachers are really friendly and welcoming. Provided study programs:

-General and Intensive English Courses

Afternoon 10
General 20
Intensive 24
Intensive 30

- Business English courses for Professionals

- Academic English Courses

  • Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) 24 lessons p/wk
  • Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) 30 lessons p/wk
  • Cambridge English: C1 Advanced (CAE) 24 lessons p/wk
  • Cambridge English: C1 Advanced (CAE) 30 lessons p/wk
  • Intensive 24 with IELTS Preparation
  • Intensive 24 with TOEFL Preparation
  • Intensive 30 with IELTS Preparation

Pathways - Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programs

-        Exam Preparation