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About Argentina

Location of the School
Our school is situated in the very heart of Argentina - in it's capital - Buenos Aires .
About Argentina
Capital - Buenos Aires
The state system- Federal representative presidential republic
Currency - Peso (ARS,$)
Total Area -    2,766,890 sq km
Population – over 40 millions 
Languages: official –Spanish, others: Araucano, Guaraní, Quechua, Welsh
Independence from Spain:
May Revolution            -    25/05/1810
Declared                       -    09/07/1816
Current constitution    -    01/05/1853
Emergency service numbers: Police 101, Medical 107, Fire 100; emergency dispatcher for cities:  Buenos Aires and provinces, Santa Fe, Rosario, Salta -  911.
Calling Code  +54
Drives on the right (trains ride on the left)
Internet TLD  .ar
Time Zone: ART (UTC-3)
Why choose our School to study Spanish in Buenos Aires
• International accreditations and memberships: WYSE TRAVEL CONFEDERATION (The World
Student & Educational Travel Confederation), ALTO (Association of Language Travel
Organizations), BELTA (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association), AMPEI (Mexican
Association for International Education) and STAY WYSE CONFEDERATION
• Programs for different age groups
• Maximum of 8 students per class 
• Classes start every Monday all year round
• Courses can be designed according to the students' needs
• We offer three different levels of Spanish courses. Each level is divided into 2 sublevels.
• Professional teaching staff: All our teachers are native speakers with extensive experience in
intercultural programs, which make them highly sensitive to different cultures and to the
students' needs.
Programs and Fees

Professional courses
DELE Certicate, Spanish & Medicine, Spanish & Business, Spanish & Culture

Extra activities

Spanish & Salsa, Spanish & Tango, Study Trip, Travel, Learn and Help