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Brief Description of the School in Montpellier

The school is situated on Rue de Verdun in the city center where only pedestrian traffic is allowed. There are boutiques, restaurants, cafes, cinemas around, as well as monuments, places of interest and entertainment.

Located in the historical center of Montpellier, school is pretty close to the train station and major tramways and buses stops. It gives you easy access to your place of stay or any other point of interest in the city.

The students take classes in a two-storey building with spacious multimedia equipped classrooms.

The school supplies you with a study and reading rooms with a selection of French language titles, newspapers, magazines and workbooks. You also get a student card topped with discounts valid all around the city. You also get free Internet access. We have a kitchen on the school premises. Tea, chocolate, fresh drinks and coffee are served on both school floors. We have a small tourist office and our activity coordinator is ready to advise you on your leisure and travel plans and provide you all the necessary information you may need. We also run a guided tour around the city on the first Monday of each month and a selected French movie every week.

On top of that the school is famous by its unique atmosphere, and exceptional teaching and learning of the French language.


All teachers are experienced and certified native language speakers. They specialize in teaching French for Foreigners (FLE - français langue étarngère).


We use direct and communicative modern methods of teaching. You will study and improve your French in a natural way, as the main emphasis n the classes is on listening and speaking. There is a lot of time for private French practice in the local community in real life situations.

Students work in small groups ranging from 3 to 10 students and there are 2 teachers per class. From our experience these are the best possible conditions to guarantee proper communication, to provide personal assistance and to ensure each student’s progress.

Teachers employ a great variety of constantly updated teaching materials, such as video and audio discs, TV and radio programs, magazines and newspapers, Internet sources, live exercises etc.

School personal is eager to help should you wish, for example, after some time to switch to a higher or lower language level group. General teachers’ meeting is scheduled once a week to discuss each student’s particular needs and progress in order to teach courses tailored to students’ profiles. This allows students to progress at their own comfort speed. At meetings teachers exchange and update their teaching methods and improve their programs, implementing new ideas.

At the end of the month there is a test to evaluate student’s progress, language level and skills achieved. All level tests, classes and certificates are conducted in accordance with the Common Reference Framework for Language Learning (European passport for level sA1 to C2). All courses are taught according to frameworks of DELF, DALF and TEF examinations.


After successful completion of the course, student is issued an official certificate stating the number of study hours completed, the proficiency level according to the European passport CECR and personalized comments of the teachers.
The school is an authorized centre for TEF examination, so you may prepare and take the exam here. Also we officially a TCF EXAM Center. (Official Exam from the French Ministry).In addition to CCIP and DELF/DALF exams, we now offer our students the possibility to take the French language proficiency test (Test de Connaissance du Français). It is a standardized test that grades candidates on one of six levels on a rangedefined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe).