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Brief Description of the School in London

Our school situated in the North London in just two minutes by foot from both Archway and Upper Holloway station and only a few stops from all major London attractions. andanda. nannnanananan  
Our center are equipped with new, comfortable facilities such as: spacious airy classrooms, free high speed Internet in internet cafes and WiFi Wireless Internet, libraries full of books, DVDs, newspapers and fitted out with equipment for listening special books.
Our London branche have receptions and a lot of special places to meet friends and where at break times you can watch TV, DVD's and read magazines.
All our teachers are qualified and certified CELTA, DELTA or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) native language speakers and University graduates. Our teaching team is kept up to date with the latest innovation in EFL teaching. 
In our school we use methodology which improves in an effective and structured way our students’ language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. Emphasis is made on speaking and pronunciation and listening, making sure that students develop communicative skills quickly.
Every week our teachers check individual progress of every student to design the course with taking into consideration the needs of the students and make each class enjoyable and interesting.
Students who have successfully passed the course will be issued a Certificate of our school. Student will also receive a report at the end of each term detailing their progress in each skill and an overall grade.Also our school has for many years successfully prepared students for a range of such English language exams as:
• International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
• Preliminary English Test (PET)
• First Certificate in English (FCE)
• Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
• LCCI English For Business
•  ICFE  Financial English
•  ILEC English for Lawyers